Law and taxes for digital business

We are a group of lawyers, tax advisors, business and strategic advisors and accountants. We specialise in online business and all its aspects. We offer high level services for the 21st century.


clients from the field of digital business


implemented corporate structures


billion (CZK) value of completed transactions


billion (CZK) crypto transactions

What can we help you with?


Taxes for digital business

We can not only create a tax-optimization structure, but also protect your interests before tax authorities in case of a tax inspection. We are not afraid to tackle new and complex tax issues related to technology and the online world.

We know how to tax and not to tax crypto. We can also help you with complex accounting in transactions. We also do taxation of Czech alternative investment funds.

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We know how to

(not) tax crypto

We protect our clients

against tax authorities

We help

optimise taxes

We understand

digital business


We know how to (not) tax crypto

We have been dealing with the taxation of cryptocurrencies since 2017. We have published the first publication dedicated to this topic. Billions worth of crypto have passed through our office.

We don't just stop at taxation and tax filing issues. Indeed, quite the opposite. We deal with ICOs, staking, mining, DeFi, tokenization, algo-trading.

Among other things, we also focus on optimization schemes through corporate structures and trusts.

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We wrote the books “Taxation of cryptocurrencies” and “VAT on crypto”

These are among the few comprehensive publications on the taxation of cryptocurrencies.

Download the books on crypto taxation

Download Taxation of cryptocurrencies

Download VAT on crypto


We protect against the state

Quality tax consulting entails the ability to stand up for the client in conflicts with the state administration. We have experience in disputes against tax authorities. We know how the practice works and what to expect.

We deliberately keep the disputes agenda for the sake of getting information on the latest practices. We prepare all structures, opinions and schemes keeping in mind possible impending searches and tax disputes.

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We wrote the book "Disputes with tax authorities" about how to defend your business from the tax administration's interference.

Download a free book on the disputes with tax authorities:

Download Disputes with tax authorities


We help to optimise taxes

We see the difference between tax evasion and tax optimization. Each of our optimization procedures is supported by the law.

Each of the opinions we produce is prepared for potential dispute. All the risks and benefits of a tax optimization transaction are explained to each of our clients.


We know alternative investment funds under Section 15 of Act on Management Companies and Investment Funds

We actively advise on accounting and taxation of alternative investment funds. This is a very unclear legal issue, but one that concerns an increasing number of clients.


We understand digital business

All of our clients are from the digital sector. We know how online business works and understand its nuances.

Whether it's royalty payments, taxation of locked-in DeFi tokens, international investment structure, transparent entities, etc., we can translate our tax expertise into our client's business.

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Law for digital business

We understand business in the online world. We know what cost/benefit analysis is. We are experienced in investing in startups as well as large acquisitions and exits.

We'll advise you on how to structure your digital business to minimise risk, save on taxes and operate efficiently.

We know how
digital business works

We have experience with
large transactions

We combine
taxes and law

We advise on
investments and exits

We create
corporate structures

We do
crypto projects


We understand business

We are first and foremost entrepreneurs. In addition to advocacy, our group operates a number of other business and investment activities.

We make sure that each team member has their own business experience. When we advise you, we compare benefits and costs. We don't do law for law's sake. Every service we provide must have a positive ROI.

We can take care of assets of 100M+ of digital entrepreneurs

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We help with business, for example:


We have experience with large transactions

We have completed dozens of transactions worth billions of CZK. We have experience with investments in startups as well as acquisitions and exits of partners. We help not only with legal issues, but also with business negotiations.

Our goal is not to hinder transactions or to look for legal problems. All we truly care about is a good deal.

For instance, we helped with the sale of BeatGames (the makers of Beat Saber) to Facebook (news report on the sale) and the sale of SmartMockups to Canva (news report on the sale).

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We buy bricks

Although our main focus is digital business, we can convert virtual assets into physical real estate. We take care of our own investment properties and also carry out development projects.

We have carried out client real estate transactions worth hundreds of millions CZK. From luxury villa purchases, through dev projects to business premises and land. We can not only handle the legal agenda, but also locate the property, negotiate terms and then manage the asset.

We cooperate with BYTASEN, one of the largest property managers in Brno, and we also provide consultancy to its clients.

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We advise on investments into startups

We help not only with the law, but also with connecting investors with startups, advising founders on investments, negotiating term sheets and realizing investments. We try to combine business experience and legal know-how.

We also have our own business experience in the investment world. We work closely with a number of funds and large angel investors.

We have helped, among others, in the following investments:

An app for finding the best camping spots in Europe, in which Miton has invested. Read about it on

An app where you can shoot a penalty on a real football goalkeeper. Read about it on

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We build corporate structures and protect assets

Whether your company owns real estate, unique software, or a valuable trademark, it pays off to protect your assets from business risks.

Thanks to the corporate structure, you don't have to be afraid to take risks and its proper setup supports the long-term growth of the business. Plus, you save on taxes.

We design corporate structures not only for large market players, but also for smaller and medium-sized companies. We can restructure inefficient concerns and save administrative costs. We set up transfer pricing models, prepare pre-acquisition structures and post-transaction integrations.

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We wrote the first book on "Corporate Structures and Transactions" in the Czech Republic.

Learn the know-how of the largest consulting companies.

Download a free book on corporate structures and transactions:

Download Corporate structures


We combine law and taxes

We combine tax consulting and advocacy. We have our own tax advisory firm smpl_tax. We can therefore represent you in complex tax disputes, including criminal ones.

Tax aspects are also reflected in our contracts. Two solutions that appear identical to the average lawyer may have completely different tax implications.


We can handle regular agenda

In addition to complex transactions, investments and complicated corporate structuring, we can also handle the usual legal agenda for digital entrepreneurs. Terms and conditions, contracts, trademarks, GDPR, AML, civil litigation…

We focus on providing meaningful services, not on producing documents that will collect dust in a drawer. We will gladly tell you which issues are cheaper not to deal with and where to concentrate your attention.

Our motivation is to move your business forward, not to kill it with unnecessary bureaucracy, administration and pointless legal costs.


We handle crypto projects

We have been dealing with cryptocurrencies since 2017. Our sister company smpl_tax was the first ever tax and advisory firm to deal with the topic of cryptocurrency taxation in the Czech Republic.

For this reason, a large number of crypto projects executed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia passed through us. We have handled ICOs, mining projects, collective investment projects and the creation of alternative financial instruments.


We have published a book "Contracts for Digital Business". Free for download.

Download a free book on contracts for digital business:

Download Contracts

Our clients

Our clients include leading Czech and global technology companies, successful investors, digital business founders and big names in the online world.

Simple pricing

Legal and tax advice
from 3.340 CZK/hour
Crypto consultation
from 5.000 CZK/hour
from 950 CZK/hour

We are happy to price larger works on a project basis.

Who we are

Tax advisors, lawyers, business and strategic advisors, accountants, investors and negotiators.

Aleš Koubek

Partner, attorney, real estate specialist

contracts Negotiations real estate litigation asset management investments

Aleš is an excellent and precise lawyer. Red diploma, experience from the Constitutional Court, many years of practice. He has deep know-how in real estate and civil litigation. He can not only arrange the purchase of real estate, but also evaluate the quality of the investment, the complexity of the project, the risks associated with the project and the market situation. In disputes, he can stand up for clients and fiercely protect their interests. Ales is the kind of lawyer with whom you not only feel safe, but you actually are safe.


Kirill Juran

CEO, attorney, transaction and investment advisor

VC crypto strategic law investments transactions negotiations corporate structures

Kirill is a result-oriented, creative and daring attorney and consultant. He specializes in transactions, VC, startups, investments and business. He has experience from acquisitions worth billions CZK. He is not afraid to go beyond legal advice and help clients with their businesses and negotiations. He knows how to distinguish the essential from the insignificant. Kirill's solutions are fast, efficient and business-oriented.


Michal Hanych

Partner, strategic director, investor, attorney, tax advisor

Investments crypto private equity corporate structures

Michal specializes in business. He knows how to make money for his clients and the group. He also translates his business experience into consulting. He focuses exclusively on clients with 100M+ in assets, whom he advises on investment projects.


Petr Havelka

Chief accountant, accounting team leader

transactional accounting crypto accounting consulting for accountants

Petr is the accountant every client would want. Very accurate, experienced, knowledgeable and economically oriented. Communication with Peter is brisk and to the point. In addition to working for clients, Petr is responsible for coordinating the accounting team. He also advises on complex accounting cases.


Michal Novotný


contracts corporate structures crypto taxes

Michal is a legal developer. He identifies the problem, understands it and finds the optimal legal and business solution. Business and tax law becomes a strategic game in his hands. Michal has experience in structuring companies worth billions CZK, drafting highly complex contracts and setting up relationships in holding companies. Michal's work is clean and precise.


Tomáš Potoczný


IT law IP law contracts GDPR

Tomáš is an IT legal geek. He knows the gaming world, both as a consumer and as an expert in its legal aspects. He knows the pitfalls associated with digital business and how to avoid them. He can advise you on GDPR, intellectual property law and IT law. Tomáš can protect your IT assets; he literally has this functionality in his source code.


Anna Drgová


IT law IP law contracts GDPR trademarks

Anička is a lawyer with a really deep knowledge of IT and IP law and personal data protection. She has gathered a huge amount of theoretical and practical knowledge from her many years of working for various technology companies and from her studies in Tilburg, Netherlands. Anička does not have to search in statutes. At the first meeting, she will tell you what and how with references to case law.


Marcel Moštěk


criminal law commercial and civil law litigation, execution

Marcel specialises mainly in criminal law and is a member of the Czech Bar Association. He has represented clients in complex criminal tax cases, in addition to defending he has completed a number of civil litigations. His greatest asset is his practical knowledge of criminal law. process. Marcel is the type of attorney who will tell you fairly accurately what to expect and what will follow and how to get out of it. He is the kind of attorney who has your back when it starts getting tough.


Simona Posmiková

Lawyer, accountant

taxes law corporate structures complex accounting

Simona's specialisation is a combination of law, tax and accounting. It is rare to see a lawyer who knows accounting and is well versed in taxes. Simona graduated from both law and economics faculties. In our firm, she handles complex commercial tax cases and accounting.


Filip Čapka


Business Law Corporate structures Taxes

Filip is a dynamic and strategic lawyer who specializes in corporate and commercial law. His main strength is in holding company formation and corporate structuring. Filip offers clients not only legal advice, but also thorough strategic planning aimed at protecting and expanding their business.


Dominik Výborný

Tax advisor

Taxes Crypto Optimisation

Dominik is an expert on the taxation of individuals and crypto. His approach is analytical and proactive, allowing him to effectively navigate clients through the complex tax environment and optimize their financial health.


Dominik Petráček


tax disputes contracts commercial law

Dominik focuses on business and tax law at our firm. He has worked on tax disputes involving tens of millions of CZK. He also studied in the USA and thus has not only an excellent knowledge of the English language but also an understanding of the Anglo-Saxon legal system.


Eliška Čermáková


accounting of natural persons accounting of legal persons

Eliška is responsible for the accounting agenda of our clients. She takes care of general accounting that requires accuracy, speed and reliability.


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  • We will resolve disputes with tax authorities
  • We will advise you whether you should do business as a self-employed person or through a company

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